Doc martin

Doc Martin and Louisa Glasson

Doc Martin is an ITV comedy drama television show that began in 2004 and has produced eight series and one Christmas special. The show follows the aloof Doctor Martin Ellingham, referred (much to his annoyance) as Doc Martin by the townspeople of Portwenn where he serves as their GP.

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Series SevenEdit

The Seventh series of Doc Martin was televised in late 2015.

  • "Rescue Me"
  • "The Shock of the New"
  • "It's Good to Talk"
  • "Education, Education, Education"
  • "Control-Alt-Delete"
  • "Other People's Children"
  • "Facta Non Verba"
  • "The Doctor Is Out"

Series EightEdit

The Eighth Season is being shown (currently) in late 2017.

  • "Mysterious Ways"
  • "Sons and Lovers"
  • "Farewell My Lovely"
  • "Faith"
  • "From the Mouths of Babies"
  • "Accidental Hero"
  • "Blade on the Feather"
  • Episode 8

Series NineEdit

The Ninth and final season will be televised in late 2018.